live: bass & störgeräusche @ David Zehnder’s opening for «Erfan’s Notebook»

«OKRA» played the soundtrack for David Zehnder’s “Erfan’s Notebook”. For the opening, Robert Aeberhard aka dadaad. an open tuning will be playing a concert for bass & störgeräusche.

April 6, 19:00 Galerie im Lehrerzimmer, Progr Berne.

Sonimages: Beautiful but Deadly

Bresse/France (2015)

Störgeräusche: Inside Mobile Phone

Berne/Switzerland (2017). Recorded with Coil Pickup.

Music for David Zehnder’s «Erfans Notebook»

Music played by «OKRA» – Oli Kuster & Robert Aeberhard

Bass on Linah Rocio’s album «Warrior Talk»

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Störgeräusche: There’s something in the Air

Hornfluh/Switzerland (2016)

Stones in Water

Auguet/Switzerland (2016)

Music and Sounddesign for Jan Mühlethaler’s «8am Morge»

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Music for Pekka Niskanen’s Installation «Me and La Tourette»

Music for Pekka Niskanen’s documentary «Laoufi»

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