Entendu à Paris/France (2014)


Entendu au Quai d’Orsay, Paris/France (2014)


Heard in Monte Carlo/Monaco (2014)


Heard in Monaco/Monaco (2014)

Moving Stairs

Heard in Mulhouse/France (2014)


Heard in Monaco/Monaco (2014)

Stomach after Oyster

Heard in Monaco/Monaco (2014)

dadaad. an open tuning playing its sounds at Museumsnacht in Berne

dadaad. an open tuning will be playing its sounds at the Museumsnacht in Berne on March 21 2014, sharing the evening with Julian Sartorius, Martina Linn, Veronika Klaus and Jürg Steigmeier at the Naturhistorisches Museum Berne. More information coming up soon.

Stille Konzerte zwischen Riesenkristallen.

Snowflakes on Chimney

Heard at Hornberg/Switzerland (2014)

randomSKI-AUTOMAT in use

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